More about transport services

Our company has integrated cars that are equipped with all necessary equipment and tools for carrying out funeral services. Our cars are equipped with refrigerators, which allow transporting the bodies of the deceased and preserving their condition throughout the journey. A certain temperature is maintained in the car’s chamber throughout the entire transportation phase, which allows delivering the bodies of the deceased in an unused state.

Our company provides certified, specialized transport for the transportation of the deceased for such cases as:

  • Transportation of the deceased from the place of death (apartment, boarding house, hospital, etc. institution) to the morgue.

  • Delivery of the dead in the crematorium of Latvia.

  • A full range of cargo reception services 200.

  • Funeral services throughout Latvia.

  • Providing transportation of the deceased in the EU and CIS countries.

  • Delivery of funeral supplies to the desired address; laying the deceased in a coffin.

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