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Funeral services in Daugavpils and Latvia

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Ritual Serviss engaged in providing a full range of funeral services. We will help you fulfill the last wishes of the deceased and the wishes of his relatives. Based on the wishes of relatives, religious and other traditions, we organize a funeral at any level for a very reasonable price.

We will fully advise you on all aspects and nuances of the funeral, and you yourself will be able to see the highest quality of our work. You don’t have to think where to go for any particular service, because our funeral home will take all the bureaucratic questions on you, and you, in turn, will receive advice and instructions on what to do - because often during times of trouble people are lost and simply found in a state of shock and confusion. Therefore, trust our professionals to help you in difficult times.

Our employees are dressed in the same clothes at any time of the year. We always follow the dress code and always have a decent appearance at our work (black trousers, black shirt). We are always present throughout the funeral process, helping people who had to take on their shoulders the full burden of grief, as well as those who came to say goodbye and take the deceased to the last journey.

When organizing a funeral, there are various aspects, therefore, when solving various issues, it is necessary to contact one or another state or private structure.

Not everyone can know who should be contacted and what to do, especially at the time of trouble. We have an extremely wide range of services, and we are available for everyone, including people with a limited budget.

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Our funeral home in Daugavpils provides services for transporting the deceased to any country in the world for burial. If you need to transport the body of the deceased to another country, or deliver from England, Norway, Germany, Russia and other countries to Latvia, then we will certainly help you.

We will help with the preparation of the necessary documents, as well as advise you on any issues of interest, and also help to resolve any issues with the necessary documents.

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The services of our bureau include burial services and a wide range of funeral services. We will help you understand all the issues and provide all the necessary information.

  • 24-hour assistance in transporting the dead to the morgue

  • Preparation of all necessary documentation

  • Preparing the body for burial

  • Transportation of the body of the deceased (morgue, temple, burial place)

  • Body cremation

  • Coffin transportation around the world (cargo 200)

  • Making the necessary ritual objects, such as wreaths, mourning ribbons, crosses, etc.

  • Custom metal fence, monument manufacturing, gravestones

  • Organization of ritual ceremonies, as well as funeral feasts

  • Production of monuments

  • Funeral Consultation 24/7

  • Allocation of a site in a cemetery and its preparation

Lifetime contract

A lifetime contract is a guarantee that our company specialists will take care of you or your lonely relatives and carry them into the last road.

You can find out more information about this service by clicking on the "More" button.

Additional services

  • Transport for accompanying
  • Photo / video shooting
  • Improvement of graves
  • Burial in the absence of the customer
  • Reburial
  • Cremation Organization
  • Porterage
  • 24/7 consultation


SIA Ritualserviss offers transportation services using specialized vehicles (Volvo hearse). We will take the deceased to the morgue, as well as from the morgue to the place of burial. We also offer transport for those who are going to spend the deceased on their last journey.

It is a comfortable minibus that is also suitable for transporting people with special needs. The funeral home Ritualserviss also offers transportation of the deceased throughout the territory of Latvia, as well as abroad. You can bring the deceased both from abroad and transport the body of the deceased abroad.

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