More details about repatriation

Our company has integrated cars that are equipped with all necessary equipment and tools for carrying out funeral services. Our cars are equipped with refrigerators, which allow transporting the bodies of the deceased and preserving their condition throughout the journey.

A certain temperature is maintained in the car’s chamber throughout the entire transportation phase, which allows delivering the bodies of the deceased in an unused state. If you need to transport the deceased to another city or to another country, we suggest using our professional transportation services.

Transporting the deceased is a complex process in which you will have to face a number of problems: from paperwork to searching for specialized transport.

We have extensive experience transporting the deceased over short and long distances. We work in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, England, Ireland, Germany, the CIS countries, Scandinavia and other regions. Unlike transport companies specializing exclusively in transportation, we provide registration of all necessary documents, the presence of a morgue at the point of departure and destination, as well as embalming the body.

“RitualServiss” is contacted each time by the morgue where the body is located, or in some cases with the police. Only a morgue employee can inform about the availability of available documents or the cost of their execution, as well as the date of issue of the body of the deceased. A death certificate should be obtained in the country where the accident happened. The Health Inspectorate, on the basis of copies of the death certificate and medical death certificate, requires permission to take the deceased out of the country (repatriation of the body).