Lifetime contract

What is a lifetime contract for the provision of funeral services?

A lifetime contract for the provision of funeral services (also known as a target certificate of a lifetime contract) is a document concluded between the customer and the company providing the funeral services in favor of the customer or a third party and guaranteeing the provision of the complex of funeral services in the event of the death of a person, in favor of which is the contract.

Who is eligible for this contract?

As a rule, they think about concluding a lifetime contract for a funeral:

Lonely people. In this case, the conclusion of a lifetime contract is the only way to secure a worthy funeral. You can record both distant relatives and acquaintances / neighbors in the stewards (proxies) who will monitor the execution of the contract.

Middle-aged and older people who want to save their loved ones from the burial care. There are also cases where the older generation does not trust their relatives and doubts that the funeral will be organized with dignity.

People who find out about their incurable disease, also want to organize everything in advance and not bother their relatives. In addition, it happens that families of terminally ill citizens themselves apply to conclude a lifetime contract because they do not want to face fraud immediately after the death of a relative.

People with limited funeral arrangements. In this case, due to annual inflation, funds accumulated “for funerals” and located at home lose their value.

When concluding a lifetime contract, the service fee is fixed and one-time. No further co-payments will be required.

Order of service

After passing away the life of a person in whose favor a life-time contract has been concluded, the trustee notifies the contractor of the conditions for fulfilling the contract and provides the ritual company with a service contract, own passport and death certificate of the person in whose favor the contract was concluded. After that, the executing company fulfills all the obligations entered into the contract.