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Our funeral home understands your pain of loss and is not able to reduce it. However, we will help you hold out during this difficult hour and do everything possible so that all the funeral arrangements would be worthy.

First steps in case of death of a loved one

Losing a loved one is hard purely emotional. This is a difficult life stage. In this case, it is extremely difficult to concentrate and organize the wires on your own. It is from this burden that we can save you - call us at any time of the day.

There are rumors among the population that in case of death, it is necessary to call an ambulance and the police, however, they do not issue a certificate of the cause of death and do not deliver the deceased to the morgue. For these purposes, it is necessary to call doctors and representatives of funeral services. Ambulance is required in case of saving a life, an exception may be if you are not sure about the onset of death. In this case, the ambulance will establish the fact of death and give directions to the delivery of the body to the morgue. This direction will help in a conversation with a family doctor, as well as in cases where the deceased requires an autopsy to determine the causes of death. In turn, the police are involved in cases where the cause of death was a murder or an accident.

What to do if a loved one died at home?

If a person died a natural death without signs of violence, you need to contact the family doctor of the deceased. Having ascertained the fact of death and taking into account the medical history, the family doctor will issue a certificate of the cause of death. This document is required to obtain a death certificate and carry out the rest of the procedures. In the case of an unknown cause of death, or if the deceased was younger than 59 years old, the family doctor issues a referral for an autopsy to find out the cause of death. On weekends and holidays, as well as at night, family doctors may not be available. In this situation, you can contact the doctor on duty at the clinic or postpone the trip to the family doctor until a later time, agreeing on this in advance. In any case, you need to send the deceased to the morgue. Usually, our employees arrive at the place within one hour after the call, transport the deceased to the morgue, inform you of further steps.

What to do if a loved one died in a hospital?

The attending physician will inform you about the onset of death, invite you to the hospital department to draw up the necessary documents. If the cause of death is known to those present and there are no complaints to the attending physician, then a statement is written so as not to perform an autopsy. If those present dispute the causes of death or are not satisfied with the treatment of a relative, then an autopsy request is required. The certificate of the cause of death is issued by the attending physician, chief physician or pathologist, and these certificates are issued at the pathology department - morgue. Before visiting the hospital, you can come to us and we will help you save a lot of time.

What to do if a murder or accident occurs?

If a loved one died at home or in a public place, and the cause of death is a murder or accident, you must contact the police. Police officers will take the body to the state morgue of the judicial medical center. After the examination, a certificate of cause of death will be issued. You can contact our funeral home, request a certificate and delivery of clothing for the deceased to the morgue.

What if a person dies abroad?

If a relative or friend died abroad, and you want to bury him in Latvia, transportation in a specialized transport in a zinc coffin is necessary. In Latvia, funerals in a zinc coffin are prohibited, because the deceased is transferred to a simple coffin. For transportation of the deceased, we offer rental of a zinc coffin, paperwork, removal of the deceased from the country. Also, written permission for the funeral of the deceased must be obtained from the Latvian cemetery. We are engaged in the transportation of the deceased throughout the European Union and other countries.

Any funeral is a difficult test for the family of the deceased, so you should contact the funeral home for help. A funeral is a whole range of services and it is often very difficult to figure out what and how to do, because the most important thing is to adequately carry out the deceased on the last journey. That is why it is worth trusting the organization to professionals who have all the necessary knowledge and experience.

We provide a full range of funeral services, all you have to do is contact us and you don’t have to think about the various difficulties associated with a funeral. For our part, we can help you with the organization of the funeral, starting with the removal of the body of the deceased and ending with the wake. We are ready to come to the rescue in cases where it is necessary to transport the body from another country, or to another country (also called cargo 200). Even with a small budget, you can be sure that you will be able to adequately lead the deceased to the last journey. On your part, we would like to hear the dates, as well as any wishes on your part.